Red is the new Black

2004-07-19 - 12:26 a.m.

before - after

corporate waffles


half raving


pain for the future

fear for the past

buildings and trees

and theyre all taller than me

thriving in the open spaces

away from coffee

away from noise

punching holes in my starlight


and stuck in branches

snug as a bug in a tree trunk

cliches rule the everyday

and dreams riot at night

overwhelmed and brimming with-

liquid indigo

eyes streaked with tobasco tears

and the skin stays peach and pale


thats something

new and unusual

real and confusable

bored with the life

done with the pattern

hate the succesful, worthless people

the rich, the powerful and bastards

loathe the infestation of detestation that grows inside my heart

eating my veins

boiling my brains

those that make me grin

are few and far between

and even they are stuck in the mold

growing old

anal retentive pricks

ignoring the life and vibrance

that stands around them

but still

buildings and trees

are taller than me

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