Red is the new Black

2004-05-13 - 2:01 a.m.

before - after

mango orb

what is left behind

as jostled buildings fill my ears

words flowing like paste

inviting me to mistake my identity

cajoling me and harming me

where do the voices come from i ask

as i blow an eyelash

my wish to paradise formed

to know who puts all these letters in their arrangements

who writes the stories

ignites imagination

tells me that harry met sue

and sally got lost

and all the dreams that lives are based upon

who paints the sky red

colors the buildings blue

and who dares question burnt sienna

does crayola have no morals?

and whence come the faeries out of the grass

the long puffs and tufts of dragonheaded dandelions

the fear innate

of harmless snakes

and the slither

the sound

in the doldrums or the eardrums.....

what incites?

panic and chaos and happy and orb.

what a beautiful word -orb-

it hits the ears like ooze

potatoes and turnips and radishes and carrots and earth and dirt and mud

all things underground

molten and burning

yearning and olden

and elfin

and trees gently swaying

and breezes hardly playing

this is the life i lead

this is the blood i bleed

i know the sun

that great blistering mango ORB

is always peeking through the leaves.

so smile!

wont you please!!!!

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