Red is the new Black

2004-10-20 - 1:30 a.m.

before - after


working till zero
its closing time
and the songs are just annoying
buzzing gnats flicking off the bleach
noone to listen to me beseech
the gods of coffee
the dons of decaf
the mother fuckin hounds of hellville
this is where i live
because i breathe the poisoned air
i take steps here denying i dont care
but the beans are oily
the light is dim
and coffee doesnt taste the same
and its all because of him
how can you look me in the eye
and tell another corporate penny-pinching bullshit lie!?
talk to me about -time- management?
its you who needs to learn a thing or two about MANAGEMENT
its all third grade
and the principal is the bully
and im soaking the muffin pans
the blue is softening my hands
and its past the normal hour
and id like to clean myself
get this beast off myself
and get some birds to gnaw out his miles of intestines
old-school Prometheus style
you couldnt survive without me
you couldnt hile without me
all your pitiful expressions
reek worse than old espresso
and i work too hard
and i work too long
and i work to live
but somehow i dont feel alive
because you call me all the time
i dont want to come in
and fix your mistakes
i dont want to face the customers
who bitch about this cave
because it used to be nice
lovely and special
a little bit of cozyness
clean and comforting
and it isnt my fault that its all gone downhill
so take your own blame
and stop making me ill

(and then complaining that i miss too much work because im sick and you make me work 74 hours a week....)

-the end-

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