Red is the new Black

2004-04-16 - 3:03 a.m.

before - after

tunnel vision

dark blur

i try backwards

but i still hate her

tunnel vision

plagues the mortals

and idiots

too long to ponder

too little said

and all i see

all i see is red

i want to punch

reach out and pounce

the aeorta should squirt blood

thick red and juicy

the creation of this liquid

would open the mind

pouring out jelly

instead of being blind

pierce the membrane

peel back the skull

pierce the power

pierce the dumb

connect the dots

and infuse the brain with thoughts

stop being selfish

stop living your life cold

dont hesitate to admit your heart is made of mold

the bacteria, well it thrives

it writhes and it pulsates

blackening your limbs and eating your eyes

this is why you cant see it

all of the lives

why you cant feel it

when everything dies

youre filled with an evil

bubbling and crude

it surpasses all reason

it accounts for the rude

someday maybe there will be a light

an archivalist looking to remedy the blight

thats when the surgey and chemicals will mix

thats when youll stop being a bitch

we can only hope

the truth becomes something

a serum of sorts

that can sort out the decay

and sew you back together

and piece by piece youll regain

a conscience, a conciousness

a guilt trip

a semi-grip

on the reality

and your bestiality

and the disgustingness of your selfishness

and the pain

the PIERCE-ing pain!!

that youve caused

to us ALL

and its all you

and i hate you

so i berate you

they say-

"live and LEARN

from your mistakes"

realize what your greed takes

away from life

away from love

away from family


look at all the CRUD, and shit

youve caked the walls with

i cant even breathe in this room

and youve shut me here

and you own the lock

and you say you love

and i say USE THE GODDAMN KEY!!!

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