Red is the new Black

2006-07-31 - 5:41 p.m.

before - after

oh how i love your anger

i just love the angry angry air
the thick tension ridden stuff that blows around
while you just lie there
its my very favoritest thing
i try all the time to feel its sting
when i hear your silent steam
i cant believe its not a dream
i smile so happily because i just love feeling your hate
there cant be anything more great
eventually i cant handle all this heavy airflow
i dont deserve such a pleasant gift!
so i walk by and say something bitchy
to your pissed off body to see if you catch my drift.
you know so well that i enjoy your misery...
thats why im so incredibly empathetic
and i become intensely cruel and biting.
because i love your anger so.
its really my favorite thing.

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