Red is the new Black

2006-09-11 - 12:48 a.m.

before - after

hometown blues

I never thought I would want to leave
The comfort of these suburban trees
Streets i have spend my childhood seeing
A landscape where i can see all the changes
The downside to being here
Breathing in this country air-
Is that everywhere i happen to traverse
I stumble across someone i know
A person who would like to converse
On all the days we spent together
And all the times we smiled in the halls
I find myself hiding my face
Whenever i recognize anyone
I am sick of small talk
Sick of small towns
Ready for a change
I used to think it strange
That my boyfriend and i knew
So many of the same people
Before we met
I used to call it fate
How near our paths came to crossing
Now i know that ohio

Is a tiny place

with too few ways to get out

my love for my childhood
my love for my adolescence
my love for my now

forever my love will remain
together with the pain
that is home here

-but i will leave.

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