Red is the new Black

2002-12-13 - 2:36 a.m.

before - after


bifocular lenses

the whole world viewed through these shards is spinning

unrelated to this comment is my happiness


the sudden urge

to slit these wrists

which carry these hands

which live this life

and are kissed by my man

bringer of happiness;

all things good

i dont want this to be misunderstood

im deliriously happy

so open to fill this void

my brain works and finds an answer

this happiness must end

when its only began

"because, because,"

says my mind....

"we just cant find-

anything to fill this happy space

so we must create an empty place

and fill it up with darkness

and take the light away...

we're afraid of this light," it adds wearily

i wonder if my brain is wrong

and why it talks in 'we's'

and then i remember

that all along

ive never had this emotion of love

there has been nothing to hold above

my anger

my hate

my depression of late,

is remedying the situation

and my mental friends they state-

"say goodbye to the light dear sweet meghan, goodbye, sink your eyelids into the thick rich chocolate of darkness, the way things SHOULD be."

and thats the way they are

but i dont know about this

and i wonder where the faery on my right shoulder (the one sent by god)

is, and whether

or whether not

i should listen to these voices

and if my mind is a democracy, or if these twisted peoples....are simply figments

dragon droppings of my crazy dictatorial society

shall i rule this land of clay density black,

or will i choose to pick up my rose colored glasses, tilt them off my nose, and see the world still with this hue of rose?

i suppose-

cut off in the middle of that thought

the gilded faery of gold-

"do as you're told" and i notice the voices of the demonbrain are gone, and theyve given the message of their song to this one imposter and so i fold.

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