Red is the new Black

2003-06-12 - 12:18 a.m.

before - after

about how i hate AOL chat rooms.

pulling off spiders legs, one by one.

counting cigarettes as they dwindle

the fabric of our lives

wanting to do but didnt

cola settling in stomachs

of a thousand angry internets

and price tags too important to rip off

the whole world screams gold!

and all i want is silver,

in my eyes it glistens green-

and in my mouth metallic menthol smoke slumbers

unsupported feet fall to socks for enclosement,

and wednesday nights dont hold their old appeal

my cookie crumble reads sweetly nearby

about winds that blow through houses,

and lives

and some say tomorrow never dies

but who are they to sum it up?

just another angry chattering of keys upon the board

and im so bored-

with all the illusions of discussions,

where nothing is accomplished

closed minds,

online to meet new people,

to talk

only fought.

sometimes things youve seen before,

decay- upon their next appearance

rusty and forlorn

and all of the hypocritical scorn

that can fill a room,

buttons me up with gloom

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