Red is the new Black

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2017-02-19 - 12:46 a.m.

before - after

I can't breathe

Down so far
Deep deep deep crimson black
No traces of orange
No flames
Charcoal, all airy and light
Trying to find a light

For hate
For dwelling on my predetermined fate
A bubbling spring
Gurgling, how cliché
Running where it wants
Flowing where it goes

I don't know
All I see is mud
Thick and glumpy
Glue and chunky on my boots
As I trudge aimlessly

Take the high ground
Avoid the muck
Lose track of the river
Of time
Of place

I'm in this headspace
Location not found
Viewing everything from beyond
It's so much work to pick up my feet
To eat
To live

I'm a bird
I can't fly
So why,

I don't know
Stay grounded
Just in case
You get called on
To answer the question of place.

Tears, tears, tears
Falling from my face
Are they making the mud?
Are they joining the race?
Of the river flowing so dark and dangerous.

I miss the fire.
But I don't know
If I'll ever see it again.

Because I can't see the sky.

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