Red is the new Black

2007-10-05 - 5:16 p.m.

before - after

me- Unsure

how jealous we are of innocence
we, the jaded people
one nation- under emotion
when fairness becomes a lie
i was thinking this morning
a few hours after i awoke
is there anyone in this world that doesnt need therapy?
that's when i remembered
the innocent ones
and how hard i have tried to introduce them to the depths
i've spent time seducing these vanilla souls
because i felt they were missing out
on the darkness
now i feel repulsed by my past actions
i feel my shortcomings
my soul is jealous
i purposefully ruined innocence
is that not the greatest crime?
is that not unforgiveable?
like fakeing grammar because you don't want to drop the e
i pretend to know
to be better
in some way
for my pain
but i think that's incorrect
i'm just mean
delusional- anticipation
did my life improve when i was first stabbed with "reality?"
did yours?
i'm unsure
i'm unsure
i'm unsure

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