Red is the new Black

2014-07-28 - 1:10 a.m.

before - after

That Is All

Every day is hard
Today is worse
I don't have time
To look inside
I'm cursed

I can write erotica
I can play a role
I can spend my life this way
Ignoring what is me

Every day is hard
Today is cursed
I don't have time
To look inside
I'm worse

I need some real help
Like I need some real sex
Sick of meaning
Sick of breathing
Sick of dying

I am awful
But everyone assumes
I'm just a loon
Flying on the wings of diagnoses

I want to never end
I want to never end
I want to never end

And you are a reality check
You make me laugh and take care of me
But I'm not a baby
I'm not that sweet

I'm blood stained
Wretched and weak

See me
Hate me
Fuck me
Rape me

Have a reaction to my unfaithfulness
That isn't laced with love

Because I'm a shooting star
And I'm burning as I fall
Giving you no thought

That is all

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