Red is the new Black

2002-11-21 - 1:34 a.m.

before - after


Pain, piled upon pain

upon pieces of shit dreams

trashed by trashtalkers

forgiven yet still around to fuck up

piece of shit streams

of tears

dont appear to be happening

but inside my heart is screaming

damn her telling me to stop my dreaming

its all real

its what i feel

and taking that away

is a rather shallow fucking play

no kind of clever ploy

its a piece of shit way

to win back a man

that i treat better than you ever can

or could

or will, or would

at least i hope, at least i think

and he agrees

thats what he tells me

so take your mouth

your uncouth piece of shit pedophile talk

and spin, spin on this....

this finger i have pointed up for your ass

and dont think that i wont pass

you one day

and blow your fucking head off

with my smile

because for awhile,

you had what i have

and you held this man

and hes done all he can

to keep himself sane

and i have you to blame

and i dont want to

but tonight im fucking pissed

because im happy

and all that usually transpires with my happiness, is it gets pissed on

and thats no goddamn fun

so cut the shit

this is it

this is my poetical letter

to address your jealous fit

you only deserve to be jealous of what you own

and youre on your own

so fucking die already if youre going to

or live already if youre going to

i love the human race

ive never seen your fucking face

and i dont care to

but if i had to

id want you to be a human too

i want you to be happy

i want you to smile

but you put yourself through pain all this while

pain you didnt care when someone else felt

well now its yours honey

and your time is spent.

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