Red is the new Black

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2014-07-25 - 12:47 a.m.

before - after

Self Expression

Obsessive is an understatement
Reciprocity is moot
Quid pro quo
Or not

Listening to love songs
And laughing at my simplicity

I thought I was unattached
Just enjoying myself

I was really
Fooling myself

Is anything ever casual
When your brain explodes with thoughts
I think knots

Why does everything relate to rope?
And I hate poems that ask questions

My reality is strained
Sorry to be such a freak


I love my body
I love my me
And you have made me question both

When did I give you that power?

So freakin soft
A marshmallow
You're the microwave
I would have made you coals, a bonfire
But I'm mad at you
Dogs get mad
Humans get angry
Thank you first grade for that factoid

Lava/magma and rage
The whole world
A clichéd stage
I'd throw a lotus blossom
So hard
Against a wall

Exactly that.

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