Red is the new Black

2002-10-24 - 5:22 p.m.

before - after



Wondering when and where and why

and cursing the W

Wondering why i have such issues with alliteration

Who am I meant for, Where are we meant to meet?

when will it all get easier

does money really matter

again with the damn alliteration!

if literature is like lithography?...well then

why do I have to try so hard to write

when its all just corruptions of rants ive had

and raves ive attended

waiting for my birthday present to myself

and wishing i had a pack of cigs

to quench my boredom

and release this anger

through the smoke that i dont allow

to stick in my lungs

and i wish i never ate

but i know its a lost thought

when time consumes so much of me

and social wellness depends on me

why do i ponder so much of myself??

me myself and i

dominate this shit on this site

because this is where i create crap

(grrrr alliteration)

ive been brainwashed to match my constonants constantly

and woonerize spords when i feel the need

all these masks they teach in class

worry me

they tell me its a means to a higher expression

but really-

its a way to keep quiet the differences

the words i would use just because i disagree

with their normal definitions

theyre not at your discretion

nor mine

theres no time

and i really seldom worry if i wonder what will happen in my old age

theres no mercy

for those who work in fast food

or live in their parents cage

or for those who adore nicholas cage

i rhyme the same word to itself just to tick me off

i dont care about stealth camo

or this retarded facade of a shadow of a poem

in which i abuse prepositional phrases and confuse importance

for meaning

because really everything is just


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