Red is the new Black

2014-10-18 - 8:15 p.m.

before - after


The words are earthquakes
But the sounds are muffled
Everything is falling
Trapped and underground
Hiding and Wasting Away

Time is irrelevant
Days are just fortunes
Minutes are values
And morals are horseshit
Twisting and Turning Away

Years are peppermints
And knives are petticoats
Verbs are things you do with yourself
When you can't find the silence


Where is the hope in it?

Where do I divide the signs?
Math was never my subject
I despise questions
Loathe hesitation
Detest frustration
I waste nothing

Come place it
On this altar here, my dear
And break it

To replace it
Have a crumpet,
We have no more tea, I fear
But take it

Strengthen the rubberband
That smacks against your wrist
You have got this
You have got this
You have got this

Looking for a way to Wonderland
Looking for a way to begin again
Looking for a way to scream so loud
To let it out

To leave
The trees, they have leaves you know
They fall,
The autumn, it has leaves you know

Forever and another day
you die
and everyone does

And sometimes you loop back over your path
And sometimes you loop back over your path
And sometimes you double back
And sometimes you don't come back
But sometimes you just


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