Red is the new Black

2002-11-05 - 4:52 p.m.

before - after

miss my mom1

recollections of depth,

so deep

times when my eyes were wet,

i used to weep

now theres nothing but surface tension

and its holding me up

above the drowning

its not like im frowning,

but ill be damned if i lose my anger

if i fight for the right to have something,

i suppose i want there to be some sort of validity

some sort of solidity

a way to prove there are parts of me

that feel the same

that are in pain

there are only waking hours in which to dwell

its much more difficult to endure my subconcious hell

my point is only that i dont want to relove

those for whom i have chosen hate

that is their fate

and i will never change it

not even if you want it

i want her blood to think her dead

she should pay for how i bled

maybe ill present her with a sliver of my happiness

keeping obvious,

that she had nothing to do with this

just to make her hurt

this is my chosen retort.

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