Red is the new Black

2002-09-29 - 2:45 a.m.

before - after


dear reader

i dedicate my life to loneliness, because its out there and no one cares too much or enough. i need to compensate and alleviate the pain that dwells in my heart. i need to tell those that i love, that i love them, and i love you all. every one who studies me shall discover my misfortunes my obstacles my lack of necessary commas. i work in an establishment that i enjoy its conditions and my writing is backwards but i enjoy drinking straight vodka from a bottle mixed with 3 year old cherry pepsi which i never drink alone. i always drink alone. i dedicate my life to loneliness, to nothingness to all that ceases to exist. i wonder at my future and at how exact my estimations will turn out to be. i long for another cigarette but my lungs cry out for oxygen. they are lonely. i am lonely, and repetitive, but i correct myself and you should correct me furthur. distance yourself from your dreams which have no chance of occuring and hide the evidence. because i am not here for you as you are here for me, follow me.

togetherness is acceptable and so i dedicate myself to....


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