Red is the new Black

2014-10-29 - 8:44 p.m.

before - after

For you

My fluency
In you
Is disturbing

My heart
The indulgence of it all

I'm hurting
And addicts shouldn't mix

This attraction is a delusion
It is dividing households
Breaking footholds
On ladders you were trying to climb

Using you
You're using me
Using us together
A diversion from ourselves

Please don't break your life
Don't lose things
Don't do it all for the high
I do it all for the release

Nothing has meaning
But the next touch
The next tug, the next pull
The next word on a screen
It's a drug

It's a drug and it wins
And it grins
And it laughs and it sighs in ecstasy again and
Again and
Again and
Again and

But you lose
So much
So much
Every moment you spend with it and not her.

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