Red is the new Black

2002-11-15 - 12:58 p.m.

before - after


Charming charms

oh how it alarms

crazy reds and blacks

how everything reacts

knowing my face exists

and my soul betwixt

anxiety and wondering

if I am just floundering

where is the me

the free

uncomplicated price to pay

for wanting to be with you everyday

loss of what i should do

when i cant be with you

entertaining spins of wishes

its not in me to care for dishes

i dont know if i can ever be

someone who thrives on responsiblity

take me as i am and am not

for what i will and cannot

then it will delete the feeling

that i cannot stand and my head is reeling

otherwise my love is afraid

that my reality is just being made(up)

im concentrating on fantasy

maybe im losing my sanity

or maybe what ive found is good

maybe what ive found is love.

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