Red is the new Black

2014-12-05 - 11:56 p.m.

before - after

Break the calm

Assess the damages
Raining in my heart
Attack the weaknesses
Damaging my veins

Where am I?
How shall I set sail?
My boat, my raft, my twilight sea
I'm drifting

The nothingness
Is gathering
Is swallowing
Is wantoning
Dangerous and choppy

Storm in my hair
Chill in my bones
The rain
The rain

Soaked with maladaption
Rife with destitution

Song swinging through the air
Birds pecking and dying
Falling and drowning in the waters

Murky depths
Deep black moon glow
Alone and shining on me
Watching and waiting for my movement

Break the calm
Break the surface
Make the noise matter
And tears move me

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