Red is the new Black

2007-08-27 - 8:54 p.m.

before - after


day dreaming
all day
work for pay
work for no pay
sleep for no pay work for pay
bouncing around like an aqua-marine
with peridot dreams
day dreams
clouds rolling in
white fluffy fluffballs of poof
pale blue
sky blue
story unfolding
unfurling like trunks of cloud-borne elephants
microscopic water molecules
writhing and dropping
droplets of rivulets
of ringlets and curls
waves of crashing, soothing, serene
rhythmic jealousy
and tirades of green foam
froth the color of buttercream frosting
and teal the shade of a cartoon seal
inside i fly
float to the sky
somehow, like a kite, suspended
hugged by the air
lifted by pressure
centered and breathing just fine
the breeze is chilling
and thrilling
and at any moment i could die.

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