Red is the new Black

2003-02-27 - 2:56 a.m.

before - after

anger hurts

this month of anniversaries

too much for you to hear from me

its only double standards

that stand for anything

on this glistening globe

a dizzying sphere on which i stare

blindly trying to understand

how i can ALWAYS be wrong

and not understand

from this chair where i sit

and write down this shit

i can hear your tears

that you think im ignoring

this story is so goddamn old, and boring

i feel something is wrong

you tell me im wrong

you tell me im awful

and that my interpretation of a situation

is complete unfounded

you tell me what to do

you tell me when to do it

you yell at me when i have any differing views

and you think im a bitch,

look at you

i cant ever do anything right by your standards

i dont get my credit when my credit is due

but you?

youll get yours and then some

because you know that youre great

and youre "magical"

and i think the cardboard crack has killed you, in fact

because youre never anywhere

but there

any conversation can be twisted to include

words of worship

and i hurt you and dont show you any respect

fuck that!

it never happened

you expect that

i dont think you think im me anymore

you certainly dont know where i am anymore

my head is so empty with noone to touch

7 tracks run circles around an uncaring wretch

like me

i dont think i will ever be able to grasp

the doubled standard

headache that

is what you live

in your world of baggage and carolina dreams trashed

you never dreamt of me

you never wished for me

you never wanted me

and im what you have

but you wont have me

its your way

not my feelings

that you care so much for

your clean

lifeless animated form

would rather have steak

than reality

for sure.

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