Red is the new Black

2016-12-06 - 2:35 a.m.

before - after

Get real

They call it breast milk
Or being left out because we weren't messing around with the camera

They say it can't hurt.
But I'm alarmed and I'm aloof and I am left out

Because it's over before you know it

Because nothing ever lasts

It's always been a hard time
This time it's been a long time
Of hurdles
Of stresses
Of dimes

I wish I had a million wishes that would come true
That I could go back to gumshoe days and tick tock clocks

But I can't

And what I have
Is family
Is love
Is everything other people are always dreaming of

But I'm lost in it
Bones inside out in it

And every day I think that I might jump.

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